What beauty gestures can help reduce deep wrinkles?

From the age of 25, skin imperceptibly begins to lose its suppleness and wrinkle. At this age, furrows may not be very pronounced, but over time, they will inexorably deepen into wrinkles, giving your face a tired look. Did you know that certain beauty gestures can help you reduce them naturally, at home? Today, we tell you how to take action on the signs of passing time with targeted products featuring truly effective anti-ageing active ingredients!

Wrinkles become more pronounced over time

While wrinkles at the age of 30 mainly concern the area around the eyes, as the years go by, the loss of skin firmness becomes more pronounced and distinct furrows appear on the face. Theappearance of wrinkles is the result of a natural process and a combination of several internal and external factors.

  • As skin ages, it naturally produces less collagen andelastin, both of which are responsible for its suppleness and elasticity. Over time, wrinkles become more pronounced.

  • At the same time, cell renewal slows down: skin cells accumulate, skin texture thickens and becomes duller.

While genetics play an important role in the mechanism by which wrinkles appear, external factors can cause premature aging of the skin or accentuate wrinkles. The good news is that you can act on these factors to slow down skin aging and slow down the signs of aging. These include

  • Sun exposure: without appropriate protection, the skin suffers the full force of the harmful effects of UVA/UVB rays. These lead to the synthesis of free radicals, prematurely destroying collagen fibers and causing the early appearance of wrinkles, or worsening their number and depth on mature skin.

  • Tobacco: its toxic compounds cause oxidative stress and impair collagen and hyaluronic acid production. Skin tissues are less well irrigated, the epidermis is poorly oxygenated and the complexion becomes dull.

  • Stress: it increases the production of free radicals, which have a direct impact on the skin's beauty and elasticity.

  • Lack of sleep: it's at night, when you're sleeping, that the skin's regenerative potential reaches its peak. Short or poor-quality nights have an impact on skin firmness.

  • Lack of hydration: at any age, in any season, hydration is the basis of beautiful skin. You've probably heard of dehydration lines and wrinkles, which result from a lack of water in the epidermis. Skin suffering from dehydration will therefore show even more pronounced wrinkles...

  • A poor diet: we often forget that the first step to beautiful, wrinkle-free skin is a varied, balanced diet! Make sure you get enough vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Certain foods, such as salmon, red fruit, eggs and oilseeds, activate collagen production.

The face is the seat of our expressions: frowning, smiling and blinking accentuate skin creases. The first to appear are usually the wrinkles around the eyes (crow's feet), then on the forehead, between the eyebrows (the famous lion's wrinkle), between the nose and mouth (the nasolabial fold), between the mouth and chin (the bitterness folds) and around the mouth.

While it's impossible to completely escape the signs of the passing of time, it is possible to take action at home to reduce deep wrinkles and regain a younger-looking epidermis, without resorting to costly cosmetic medicine treatments such as injections. Focus on ouranti-aging treatments and creams that will help you erase deep wrinkles, day after day!

What anti-ageing skin care products can help reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles?

Our Mousse Micro-Peeling Eclat Boréal gently and thoroughly exfoliates to rid the skin of dulling dead cells and restoreradiance . By perfectly cleansing the face, it ideally prepares it to receive anti-aging creams, which will be better absorbed and therefore more effective.

We then differentiate between day and night routines, because as you've already understood, your skin doesn't behave the same way when you're awake as when you're asleep.

In the morning, there's an ideal treatment to get the day off to a good start: Youthful Promise Cream Neige Eternelle. Its star ingredient, Nunatak Flowers, have developed incredible resistance to external aggressions by surviving the last ice age. This skin care product moisturizes and plumps up skin marked by wrinkles. To reinforce the effectiveness of your face cream, we recommend you first apply Youthful Promise Serum from the same range. And, of course, the fragile eye area must not be forgotten, and requires special care. Youthful Promise Eye Contour smoothes tired eyelids and fills crow'sfeet wrinkles.

In the evening, the Polaar Night range boostscellular regeneration and works to revitalize the skin. During our polar expeditions, we identified a mysterious algae, Rhodimenia Borealia, found in the depths of fjords, where light and life are scarce. Under the action of the moon, this magical algae synthesizes high levels of phytomelatonin, the plant-based version ofmelatonin that is responsible for nocturnal cell renewal. By applying Elixir Revitalizing Serum and Revitalizing Cream before bedtime, you give your skin all the keys it needs to renew itself effectively. When you wake up, your skin is re-oxygenated, wrinkles are smoothed and your complexion looks visibly fresher and younger.

To complement your anti-wrinkle creams, we recommend you apply our Relaxing Mask once or twice a week, to smooth and relax faces with marked wrinkles. The result is skin that glows with youthful radiance, with no signs of aging to contend with!