How to soothe redness on your face?

Facial redness is a skin condition that does not go unnoticed and that we could do without! Often unsightly and embarrassing when it occurs in society, this skin overheating, also called flush, has various origins but can be limited and treated on a daily basis with simple gestures.

What causes redness on the face?

Facial redness is caused by hypersensitive blood vessels in the dermis. These dilate excessively, and your skin becomes coloured! Its colour can vary from pale pink to bright red to purplish red. The redness can invade the whole face, or only a part of it, such as the cheeks, the wings of the nose, the chin. Although fair skin is often the most affected, all skin types, from dry to oily, can be affected episodically or over the long term.

In any case, there are multiple causes for the appearance of redness, and it is not always easy to determine the trigger or triggers. These include:

  • Physical activity

  • Emotions: surprise, embarrassment, shyness can make your cheeks turn pink.

  • Consumption of alcohol or spicy food

  • Exposure to heat (on the beach, in the hammam or sauna, etc.)

  • Menopausal hot flashes

  • Taking certain medications

  • The use of stripping cosmetics or inappropriate beauty gestures that attack the skin

  • The nature of the skin: some skins are naturally thin, sensitive and reactive

  • Heredity: bad news if your parents suffer from flushes, "vasoreactive" skin, i.e. with more sensitive blood vessels than average, can run in your family.

  • Age: ageing skin makes the skin more sensitive to redness.

  • An allergy

If they are not properly treated, redness can return chronically and become established over time. This is known as skin pathology (such as erythrosis, couperose or rosacea): redness is often accompanied by pimples, dilated vessels, burning sensations, rough patches and desquamation, and in the worst cases, edema. They require a consultation with a dermatologist, who will prescribe a targeted treatment, sometimes based on antibiotics (in the case of rosacea), or laser sessions to get rid of them. If the redness of the skin is accompanied by other symptoms, do not hesitate to consult your doctor.

How to treat redness on the face?

Before reaching this extreme, you should know that it is possible to reduce the frequency and extent of redness by taking good care of your skin and being attentive to its needs. The best thing is to identify the cause in order to act beforehand: for example, if the redness appears following exposure to the sun, it is easy to act by favouring the shade and protecting your face with an SPF sun cream and a hat.

In the bathroom, there's only one thing to remember: don't over-stimulate the blood circulation! Opt for gentle products, specially formulated to respect sensitive and reactive skin. So forget about coarse-grained scrubs, soaps (except for superfatted face washes) that dry out the skin, and all gestures that involve rubbing the skin. It is better to clean and remove make-up with a soothing lotion than with a cleansing gel, a glove and water that will make the skin redden. It's good to know that water that is too hard can cause redness!

Similarly, to dry the skin on your face or body after a shower, use a soft towel, and pat off the drops of water rather than rubbing.

After cleansing your skin, you can spray a little floral water on your face: it has soothing and anti-irritation properties for sensitive skin.

Choose anti-redness face care products with melting, airy creamy textures that penetrate instantly and care for your skin with great gentleness. This is the case with Youthful Promise Cream NEIGE ETERNELLE, which, with its 95% natural ingredients, melts on contact with the skin and forms a protective shield to protect it from aggression day after day. Its star ingredient? Nunatak Flowers, a polar active ingredient with exceptional properties. These arctic flowers thrive in the mountain peaks, beyond the eternal snows, where air and vegetation are scarce. Their particularity is to have survived the last ice age, while 90% of living species disappeared with the glaciation. Clinging to the rocky peaks, the Nunatak have survived the millennia by developing their own defense system and by producing antioxidants in large quantities. Their plant stem cells are able to replenish the stem cells of the dermis to regenerate it, and help fight redness and blemishes.

In a single step, this day and night moisturiser moisturises, soothes, fights skin ageing and protects the skin on a daily basis. Apply the product with your fingertips, patting it on rather than rubbing it in - it penetrates instantly - and let the delicate fragrance carry you away.

Its extra-gentle formula is vegan and cruelty-free, it does not contain alcohol, mineral oils and parabens. Also discover in the same range the Youthful Promise Serum and the NEIGE ETERNELLE Eye Contour for a beauty routine that focuses on an even and radiant complexion!

It can take a few weeks before you see the results of your new beauty routine. A good trick to camouflage redness immediately: makeup! By applying a green corrector stick, a shade that is the chromatic opposite of red, you can neutralize redness in a single step and regain an even complexion in an instant! Your skin is at peace!

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