Redness on the face: what solutions to reduce it?

Facial redness, whether temporary or permanent, is a sign of skin condition and is not easy to treat. Often accompanied by itching or irritation, they can spoil your life and be a source of complexes. So how can you reduce them to achieve a clearer, more even complexion on a daily basis, and prevent them from returning at the slightest opportunity? We take a look at the right gestures and advice to follow to soothe redness for good.

Identifying the causes of rashes: not always easy!

Indeed, behind the term "facial redness" there are several realities and causes. Redness is caused by a dilation of the blood vessels that colour the skin. It can appear suddenly, in the event of stress, after consuming alcohol or spicy food, after exposure to the sun or when the body is subjected to significant temperature variations (hot/cold). The skin is then said to be " reactive ", it reacts to an external aggression by covering itself with a red colour, generally localised: on the cheeks, the nose or the chin and the neckline. This is called a flush. In this case, it is easy to identify the situations that lead to their appearance and to avoid them.

Treating redness is more complicated when it is an underlying problem and is related to a skin disease. Once established, redness can manifest itself as localised patches (erythrosis), dilated and visible blood vessels (couperose) and be accompanied by red pimples (acne rosacea). All the more reason to act without delay, and treat your skin prone to redness at the first sign of the problem!

Reviewing your beauty routine

To treat redness, one thing is essential: review your beauty routine as soon as it appears. While the cleansing/moisturising/protecting trio is appropriate for all skin types, it should be adapted by using targeted products: an ultra-gentle cleanser that soothes the skin, comforting creams that moisturise and calm inflammation, and a protective care product that will keep external aggressions at bay.

Cleansing and removing make-up from skin prone to redness

To avoid exacerbating skin redness, we opt for ultra-gentle textures that will rid the skin of impurities, pollution particles and make-up while soothing the face. Our Velvety Cleanser ICEPURE gel, rich in flavonoids, provides an immediate comforting and protective effect for sensitive skin. For very reactive skin, irritated by limescale and the slightest friction, opt for the Micellar Water from the same range. Applied with a cotton pad, it does not need to be rinsed off to avoid the drying and tightness caused by water that is too hard.

Redness on the face: choosing the right moisturiser

Your cream must above all meet the needs of your skin type (dry, dehydrated, combination or shine-prone skin, etc.) while taking into account the problem of redness. A double challenge awaits!

A best-seller that takes great care of the fragile skin of the whole family: our Face and Sensitive Areas Cream THE GENUINE LAPLAND CREAM . With 96% of ingredients of natural origin and its key active ingredients, arctic Berries, small red fruits full of vitamins and antioxidants, it is a key care product for comforting and gently moisturisingdamaged skin. Its ingredients also include Shea Butter, Macadamia Oil and Sweet Almond Oil, which nourish and protect in one step. Apply it also to the driest areas of the body, such as elbows, knees and heels, where it also works wonders!

Dehydrated skin, prone to tightness, will find soothing and comforting with ICE SOURCE products, which replenish the skin with water and fix it durably in the epidermis. Cream version to wrap the skin or fluid version to moisturise without weighing it down, the choice is yours!

Redness can intensify as the skin ages. To fight the first signs of ageing, consider ETERNAL SNOW face products: moisturiser, face serum and mask with a creamy texture take care of your skin with great gentleness, while fighting the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and the loss of firmness.

Use the night to soothe the skin

While you sleep, the regeneration of your skin cells is at its peak! To erase the stress of the day and give your skin a new look, the Polar Night range with its extraordinary ingredients is ideal. Its star ingredient is a polar algae, Rhodimenia Borealia, which activates skin circulation, eliminates toxins and repairs the skin. It works in conjunction with Immortelle Water, rich in nutritional elements, to relax stressed and reactive skin. Mask, serum and night cream are a winning trio of treatments to act day after day on the quality of the skin and to have a radiant complexion in the morning!

Concealing redness with make-up

You now know how to revise your beauty routine to deal with redness, and you should see an improvement in your skin condition in a few weeks. In the meantime, the best way to conceal redness is to use a green concealer. Why green? Simply because this colour is the opposite of red on the chromatic circle: it will therefore attenuate it, and blur facial redness! Of course, choose products adapted to sensitive skin, to hide redness without damaging the skin.

Protecting your skin to reduce redness

Protecting your skin should be a priority in all seasons for faces prone to redness, which react particularly badly to changes in temperature and adverse weather conditions. By acting in advance, you can prevent the appearance of redness and give yourself the best chance of maintaining an even complexion. In winter, before going out in the cold, apply a layer of cream - like our THE GENUINE LAPLAND CREAM - to form a protective barrier on the skin. In summer, remember to protect your face from the sun by applying a suncare product with a high protection factor (SPF30 minimum, and SPF50+ if you have very fair skin). You will certainly find what you are looking for in our range of suncare products specially formulated for sensitive skin!

Consult a dermatologist

If, despite all your efforts, your skin is permanently prone to redness, if it causes discomfort, or if it is accompanied by itching and irritation, the best thing to do is to consult a dermatologist, who will be able to give you advice and direct you towards a more powerful treatment, 100% adapted to the nature of your problem.Acne rosacea, like couperose, is a skin disease that requires a basic treatment. Solutions exist, such as specific creams, laser sessions, or even photomodulation by LED lamp, which give good results and after a few sessions, the redness becomes a bad memory!