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A beauty routine to enhance your eyes?
The eye contour is a sensitive, delicate area that includes the eyelids, lashes and eyebrows. In the morning, before applying make-up - but also in the evening, before going to bed - it's important to adopt a skincare routine adapted to your eye contour and its needs.
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How to reduce dark circles under the eyes?
Dark circles are the main enemy of luminous eyes. Considered unsightly, dark circles are a recurring aesthetic problem for both men and women. Discover our advice on how to eliminate dark circles under the eyes.
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TheTinted anti-dark circle Icy Magic is now available from Polaar!

Dark circles are the worst enemy of healthy, luminous eyes. To restore radiance and youthfulness to the eye contour area, there are several solutions available. Polaar's new IcyMagic Tinted anti-dark circle is one of them. Find out everything you need to know about dark circles to camouflage them and make them disappear.

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Sensitive eyes: which eye care should you use?

Anyone with sensitive eye contours will tell you: finding the right skincare product that moisturizes, illuminates and reduces dark circles without stinging or reddening the eye area is a real headache. Discover our tips for keeping eyes young and radiant when you have sensitive eyes, without sacrificing comfort and effectiveness!

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Choosing and applying the right eye contour care

The eye area is certainly one of the most easily marked parts of the face. Dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles and fine lines are often the prerogative of this fine, fragile area, which needs specific products to preserve all its beauty. A poorly moisturized or congested eye contour area, and the sentence falls: you look tired, you don't look good, your face is dull... So how do you properly moisturize your eye contour area to keep your eyes bright and sparkling? Discover our tips.

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