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How to choose the right sunscreen for your face?
Summer means vacation, beach, sun and sun protection! A skincare product that's not always easy to choose from all the products on the market. So how do you choose the right sun cream to protect your face and get a beautiful, natural, long-lasting tan? Polaar tells you all!
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The benefits of sunscreen to protect your skin
What are the benefits of sunscreen, and why is it crucial to incorporate it into our daily routine? We tell you all about it!
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What face routine should you follow to avoid imperfections?
We'll show you how to adapt your beauty and skincare routine to keep your skin clear and healthy, even when you're wearing a mask all the time!
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Understanding pimples on the face
Pimples have invaded a specific part of your face (cheeks, chin, forehead...), and you have no idea what might have caused them to appear? Face mapping can help you understand the causes of these acne outbreaks! We'll explain everything.
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A beauty routine to enhance your eyes?
The eye contour is a sensitive, delicate area that includes the eyelids, lashes and eyebrows. In the morning, before applying make-up - but also in the evening, before going to bed - it's important to adopt a skincare routine adapted to your eye contour and its needs.
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All about holistic beauty: tips and routines
What if beauty wasn't just about the outside? Discover the principle of holistic beauty and how to set up your in and out routine.
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Focus Super Ingredient Polaar: theSiberian Olive
It was in the heart of the Taiga, in the Arctic landscapes, that we discovered a shrub with exceptional properties: theSiberian Olive. Its tiny berries are bursting with benefits for all skin types.
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Why is it important to supplement your beauty routine with food supplements?
Discover how dietary supplements can be integrated into your beauty ritual and ideally complement the benefits of your skincare products.
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Acne and sun: how to prevent the rebound effect at the start of the school year?
After the vacations, it's not unusual for acne to reappear and invade the face. We explain how to prevent and treat this rebound effect to keep your skin smooth and clear.
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