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Christmas gifts: gift ideas to suit all budgets
Christmas is fast approaching, and now is the time to find gifts for your loved ones... Discover our selection of Polaar gifts to suit all budgets and tastes!
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Discover our Polar Night range
The night is the ideal time for skin cell renewal and regeneration. That's why choosing a night care product perfectly adapted to your skin's needs means that your skin is deeply moisturized and nourished.
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Focus Super Ingredient Polaar: theSiberian Olive
It was in the heart of the Taiga, in the Arctic landscapes, that we discovered a shrub with exceptional properties: theSiberian Olive. Its tiny berries are bursting with benefits for all skin types.
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COVID-19: A message to our community

Dear Polaar customers

I'm embarrassed to talk about Polaar's generosity. I find, as an industrialist and business leader, we almost overdo it. It's as if the commercial battle has been deported, and instead of comparing our figures, we're now going to compare and flaunt our benevolence. 

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Ice Source Polaar moisturizing range

The Polaar team is delighted to be able to (finally!) present a project we have been working on for a few months: our new face care range ICE SOURCE, formulated to provide intense hydration for all skin types!

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Why choose vegan beauty products?

Vegan: a word that has been on the front pages of women's magazines and websites for some years now, and that everyone seems to have on their lips! We're now talking about vegan food, vegan textiles, vegan cosmetics... A real vegan craze seems to have swept through France. However, far from being a mere fad, veganism - i.e. the practice of not using any products or ingredients of animal origin - marks an awareness and a desire to consume better, in a responsible, ethical and sustainable way. At Polaar, we've been choosing for years to offer you as many animal-free products as possible. It's time to tell you more about our vegan approach, which reflects our commitment to preserving polar biodiversity and the environment in general.

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Discovering cryotherapy

The cold always manages to be at the center of all discussions. Friend, foe... We break the ice and tell you all about it!

It's true that the cold weather forces us to dig out our scarves from the closet and bundle up to set foot outside, but it's also much appreciated, and for good reason: as well as being synonymous with a truly cocooning moment by the fireside, it can be transformed into a veritable beauty assistant!

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Hygge in Paris: a capital escape

An art of living whose philosophy is as simple as its spelling is complex. Hygge is the enveloping well-being that comes to us from Scandinavia. Ready to discover it from home?

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A family that never lost its way

Like parents, like son. To trace the origins of Polaar is to retrace the rich history of an unusual family of travelers. Presentation.

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