What face routine should you follow to avoid imperfections?

Today, we explain how to adapt your beauty and skincare routine to keep your skin clear and healthy!

Where does acne come from?

Acne can have several causes. The best-known is certainly hormonal: every time there's a major change (puberty, pregnancy...), hormones kick into overdrive, leading to increased sebum production. But it's not the only one: taking certain medications, or a lifestyle that leaves something to be desired (smoking, stress, poor diet...) can also explain the presence of acne in adults.

Don't panic, a facial routine with targeted anti-imperfection treatments(cleanser, serum and cream) will help you regain your pretty skin of yesteryear!

What anti-blemish routine to use against blemishes?

Zoom in on our anti-imperfection skincare products for oily or acne-prone skin, based on polar active ingredients with proven efficacy!

To purify your skin, your beauty routine should take place in three stages: cleansing the face with gentle products that gently eliminate sebum, an anti-blemish serum that acts deep down to treat blemishes and blackheads, and a moisturizing cream that replenishes the skin with water, resurfacing it and restoring its radiance.

Step 1: Cleanse your skin to eliminate sebum and impurities

To gently cleanse your acne-prone face, Micro-Peeling Mousse Northern Light is ideal. It contains the first plant-derived salicylic acid, which eliminates dead cells without stripping to purify the skin and restore its radiance, as well asSiberian Olive, a small berry rich in vitamins A, C and E, and an anti-pollution active ingredient which traps all impurities to prevent them from penetrating the epidermis.

If your skin is very sensitive and feels tight at the slightest opportunity, we recommend you opt for Exfoliating Powder Pureté Arctique. Enriched with Snowy Cotton moisturizing, detoxifying and soothing, this purifying powder is a key treatment for gently cleansing the face.

Step 2: a fluid to target imperfections

Then it's time for a specific treatment to purify the skin and eliminate imperfections! La Anti-Imperfection Solutiona new product in the Northern LightcontainsSiberian Olivegrapefruit extract, which eliminates blackheads and pimples while regulating sebum overproduction and accelerating skin healing, and marine algae with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The first results appear after 7 days of use: pores are tightened, skin is less shiny and imperfections are reduced.

Step 3: focus on hydration!

Even oily skin, prone to pimples and redness, needs moisturizing! The only requirement is to use a skin care product that deeply nourishes the skin, while regulating sebum production. Following on from our serum Anti-Imperfection Solution, we suggest you complete your beauty routine with Smoothing Cream Northern Lighta moisturizing and mattifying product. Its creamy texture is designed to refine skin texture and tighten pores.

If your skin is uncomfortable, prone to redness, tightness and chapping, the priority is to provide it with the moisture it lacks. That's why we've chosen our Ice Source range, with three skin care products (a fluid, a moisturizing cream and a face mask) that are unrivalled in their ability to replenish the skin's moisture and lock it in. Their secret? The presence in their formula of a rare and exceptional ingredient: Iceberg Water. Harvested during the ice melt season, this is quite simply the purest water in the world, trapped millions of years ago when pollution problems did not yet exist. This original water is retained in the skin by high-molecular-weighthyaluronic acid, while a polar algae, Thalassiosira Antartica, repairs the hydrolipidic film and limits water loss.

A little tip to giveyour face even moremoisture and immediately relieve tightness and the sensation of dry skin: apply Super-Moisturizing Mask Ice Source once or twice a week. Leave it on for 10 minutes or overnight on clean skin to reap its benefits!

Step 4: Don't forget the eye contour area!

A beauty routine is never truly complete without eye contour care. Indeed, this fine, fragile area needs targeted products that moisturize while acting on dark circles, puffiness and signs of age ing (fine lines and wrinkles). To boost your look in a single gesture, apply our Icy Magic Defatigant treatment , suitable for all skin types. This roll-on smoothes away signs of fatigue and instantly awakens your eye contour thanks to its ice-cold ball! It also contains a cil-booster active ingredient that activates lash growth for bigger, fresher eyes. Stay tuned, because something new is coming soon: a tinted corrective roll-on to moisturize and erase dark circles in the blink of an eye 😉

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