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Discovering cryotherapy

The cold always manages to be at the center of all discussions. Friend, foe... We break the ice and tell you all about it!

It's true that the cold weather forces us to dig out our scarves from the closet and bundle up to set foot outside, but it's also much appreciated, and for good reason: as well as being synonymous with a truly cocooning moment by the fireside, it can be transformed into a veritable beauty assistant!

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Hygge in Paris: a capital escape

An art of living whose philosophy is as simple as its spelling is complex. Hygge is the enveloping well-being that comes to us from Scandinavia. Ready to discover it from home?

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A family that never lost its way

Like parents, like son. To trace the origins of Polaar is to retrace the rich history of an unusual family of travelers. Presentation.

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