Polar Night Anti-Aging Routine

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Regenerate your skin while you sleep!
In this trio of anti-aging skincare products, you'll find the revitalizing power of Boreal Algae infused in sensorial textures with an addictive fragrance. The Boreal Algae products work in synergy to activate nocturnal cell regeneration. When you wake up, your skin is smoother, detoxified and retexturized! Signs of aging diminish, skin glows. Visible results from the 1st morning.

This trio contains :

Polar Night Revitalizing Elixir15ml
Polar Night Revitalizing Cream 50ml
Polar Night De-Stressing Mask 50ml

  • made in France
  • vegan

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Regenerate your skin while you sleep!

plumped, radiant, plumped-up skin

smoothes and reduces fine lines and wrinkles

detoxifies and recharges skin with oxygen

illuminates the complexion

Thanks to the revitalizing properties of Boreal Algae, this trio of night care products deeply regenerates and detoxifies the skin. When you wake up, skin is supple, smooth and plump, with a new radiance.

The active ingredients

Rhodimenia Borealia or Boreal Algae

stimulates cutaneous microcirculation

eliminates accumulated toxins

repairs damage to the skin

fight the signs of aging

Rhodimenia Borealia is a boreal algae that lives in the depths of the Arctic Ocean, where light is scarce. Its superpower? Its ability to synthesize high levels of phytomelatonin - the plant version of melatonin - which is responsible for nocturnal cell regeneration. It also helps restore the skin's chronobiology, disrupted by the effects of seasonal changes, jet-lag and sleep deprivation. Its decongestant, soothing and revitalizing properties support the fundamental mechanisms of nocturnal cell regeneration.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Laurence Haller
Excellent cream

Pleasant texture, enchanting fragrance, penetrates well into the skin, and very satisfying results. I can't recommend it enough, even for more mature skin 😊

Chrystelle Madrid (Valence, France)
Intoxicating scent

Very pleasant texture and scent. I'll have to see how effective it is over the long term, as I've only been using it for a few days.

K.J. (Florence, United States)

I received this product in an ipsy bag about a year ago. I have purchased it 2x because it last. The smell is heavenly. You won't regret. Only bad thing is length of time it takes to get here.

Jeryn Sealy (Riviera, United States)
Love this!!

This is my favorite product I have ever used!!!! I love this!! Your face feels AMAZING after you use it!!!!

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