First wrinkles: how to look after your skin from the age of 30?

From the age of 30, your skin's needs change. You may have noticed that your skin is less radiant, that you look more tired, and that the first signs of aging are beginning to show on your face. Your usual moisturizing cream is no longer enough to fight aging and keep your face smooth and radiant. Creams, serums, eye contours and anti-wrinkle masks will take up the slack, but it's important to choose them wisely... Find out how to look after your face from the age of 30, and which products will keep your skin looking beautiful, day after day!

The thirties: a turning point for the skin

For women, their thirties generally mark a turning point for the epidermis. In concrete terms, what changes take place in the skin?

First, cell renewal naturally begins to slow down. The body produces less collagen and elastin, the two proteins that keep skin firm. It is estimated that, from age 30 onwards, collagen production declines by 1% per year. As a result, skin becomes less plump and supple, and the first signs of aging appear. Skin ageing first manifests itself in the form of fine lines, on the areas of the face that are most solicited, such as the eye contour and the forehead, which are the seat of our expressions. The signs of aging then appear all over the face: around the mouth, between the eyebrows, on the cheeks, which become a little more droopy. The oval of the face gradually loses its firmness and appears less well defined...

At the same time, the skin becomes more fragile and vulnerable to all the factors that attack it on a daily basis: pollution, UV rays and climatic conditions have a greater hold on your skin. Water, naturally present in the epidermis, evaporates more quickly, contributing to accelerated dehydration and a dull complexion, prone to pigmentation spots.

When it comes to smoothing out the first fine lines and wrinkles, there's no time to lose: by opting for the right anti-wrinkle skin care products from age 30, you're giving yourself the best chance of delaying the signs of ageing and erasing the little skin imperfections that go hand in hand with the passage of time.

A beauty routine for 30-somethings ?

While the good habits of your beauty routine (cleanse - nourish - protect) should be maintained, from the age of 30 onwards, it's advisable to opt for skincare products containing anti-ageing active ingredients, to combat theappearance of the first wrinkles and nourish your skin. Let's discover the products (creams, serums, masks...) that will prove your best allies in this endeavor!

Give your skin the perfect cleansing with Boréal Radiance Cleansing Foam. Enriched with plant salicylic acid and Siberian Olive, a berry highly concentrated in vitamins A, C and E, it eliminates impurities accumulated during the day (fine particles, dust, make-up...) while resurfacing the skin. Its keratolitic action gently and effectively eliminates dead skin cells, like a gentle peel, restoring the skin's radiance.

To slow down the signs of aging, adopt an anti-wrinkle cream that will preserve the beauty and elasticity of your skin. Our Youthful Promise Cream Neige Eternelle both prevents and corrects fine lines and wrinkles. This facial treatment contains a magical anti-aging active ingredient, Nunatak Flowers. These polar flowers are among the few plants to have survived the last ice age, which devastated flora and fauna. By taking refuge beyond the eternal snows, under rocky peaks and gorging themselves withanti-oxidants, they have developed their own defense system to combat external aggression. This incredible ability to protect, regenerate and illuminate is passed on to you in Neige Eternelle skin care products, starting with our Youthful Promise Cream ! This moisturizing, anti-aging treatment stimulates skin regeneration, improves skin clarity and eliminates toxins and imperfections. Ideal for smoothing out the first wrinkles and correcting those that have already set in!

You can increase its effects tenfold by applying Youthful Promise Serum from the same range. The melting texture of this care product forms a real shield against skin aging. Skin regains its optimal moisture level, freshness and radiance!

If you haven't yet adopted the reflex of applying an eye contour cream morning and night, it's time to do something about it! The eye area is extremely solicited every day: facial expressions and repeated eyelid blinking end up prematurely marking the skin. In fact, it's the eye area that tends to show the first signs of ageing from the age of thirty onwards. Because the skin around the eyes is extremely thin, fragile and lacking in sebaceous glands, you need a specific skin care product that gently moisturizes this area. Neige Eternelle Youth Eye Contour, with its fine micro-emulsion texture, is rapidly absorbed and provides a lifting effect in the eye area. This moisturizing treatment restores firmness and freshness to the upper and lower eyelids, and smoothes the crow's feet area for a youthful, dynamic look.

Are you looking for a good night cream that will take over while you sleep to revitalize your skin and erase signs of fatigue and aging? Polar Night Revitalizing Cream is for you! Rich in Boreal Algae, which activates nocturnal cell regeneration, organic Criste Marine and Eau d'Immortelle, perfect for smoothing wrinkled features, it works while you sleep for a fresh, rejuvenated complexion in the morning.

For a complete beauty routine, first applyPolar Night Revitalizing Elixir : with its 99% natural ingredients and dry oil texture, this moisturizing, anti-aging serum brings incomparable comfort and softness to skin lacking moisture and suppleness.

Finally, give your skin a boost with a multi-purpose moisturizing mask, Masque Déstressant Polaar Night. It can be applied occasionally (once or twice a week to replace your night cream and give your face a boost), as a one-week treatment to brighten up tired skin, or as an express chill treatment. In this case, leave it on for 10 minutes after putting it in the fridge for an immediate lifting effect, ideal before a special event or after a trip.

Good to know: the Polaar Night range is now available as a body care product, with the Moisturizing Body Milk. A product to discover without delay!