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What routine should I adopt from the age of 45?

The skin's needs change constantly over time. If, at 20, a nourishing facial is enough to look good, at 45, the situation changes a little and a basic moisturiser is no longer sufficient. The signs of ageing (wrinkles, fine lines, sagging facial contours, drooping eyelids, etc.) intensify and your beauty routine must slow down the ageing of the skin and firm it up. Find out how to take care of your skin after 45 and defy the passage of time!

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Which cleanser should I choose according to my skin's needs?

Facial cleansing is the first step towards beautiful skin. It frees the epidermis from toxins and impurities (pollution, dust...) accumulated throughout the day, leaving it perfectly clean and ready to receive its day and night care products, which will be better assimilated and more effective.

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Sensitive eyes: which eye care should I use?

Anyone with a sensitive eye area will tell you: finding a good skincare product that moisturises, brightens and reduces dark circles without stinging or reddening the eye area is a real headache. Discover our tips for keeping your eyes young and radiant when you have sensitive eyes, without sacrificing comfort and effectiveness!

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How to fight wrinkles naturally

The passing of time inevitably has consequences on the skin: wrinkles form little by little, skin slackening increases, the oval of the face becomes less firm, less well defined... However, it is possible to slow down the appearance of wrinkles and slow down the ageing of cells by using anti-ageing cosmetics with natural active ingredients. Discover Polaar's advice.

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Understanding your pimples on your face

Pimples have invaded a specific part of your face (cheeks, chin, forehead...), and you have no idea what could have caused them to appear? Face mapping can help you understand the causes of these acne outbreaks! We explain to you what this technique from traditional Chinese medicine consists of, why it is interesting to better understand your body, and what solutions to put in place to regain a healthy and beautiful skin.

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Operation Imperfect Products

Hello #polaaraddict, here is an offer that will make you happy!?

Sometimes the products we receive also have their share of imperfections:
➡️ a slightly damaged bottle
➡️ a clumsy weld
➡️ a badly printed label...

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Which body moisturising routine should I adopt?

While moisturizing the face is a beauty routine that many people have adopted on a daily basis, moisturizing the body is more often put aside due to a lack of time or appropriate care. However, nourishing your skin with protective and repairing cosmetics is a prerequisite for keeping your skin beautiful and comfortable in all seasons. Follow the guide: Polaar explains how to choose the right body moisturizing routine!

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The ideal beauty routine for men's skin

Taking care of your skin every day is not just for women: more and more men want to nourish, moisturise and protect their skin to look good and fight the signs of ageing. To meet the needs of men's skin and offer them an ideal beauty routine, POLAAR has created a complete range of effective and pleasant face care products for daily use.

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Oily and acne-prone skin: which sun cream should I choose?

When we think of sunscreen, we often think of those white, greasy, sticky textures that leave a shiny film on the skin. Oily and acne-prone skin, which suffers from excess sebum, may be tempted to skip sunscreens to avoid aggravating the problem - never a good idea! Today, we explain how to choose the right UV protection product to spend the summer with beautiful, protected and matte skin.

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