Morning and evening beauty routine: our tips

Facial cleanser, cream and serum, scrub or mask from time to time... Having a beauty routine means adopting good habits to keep your skin beautiful and well moisturized, while providing your face with care adapted to its specific needs (imperfections, lack of moisture, first signs of aging...) and at the right time of day, because your skin doesn't have the same needs in the morning as it does in the evening before bedtime. Here are a few tips to set up an optimal skincare routine for morning and evening!

Why distinguish between morning and evening beauty routines?

A beauty routine consists of several steps, whatever the time of day. Cleansing, facial moisturizing (with a serum and/or cream adapted to your skin type), eye contouring, exfoliation and a complementary mask are a good basis for taking care of your skin. After all, your morning moisturizer will do just as well in the evening, won't it? Well, not quite.

Your skin's needs in the morning

In the morning, your face needs a cream that will not only moisturize it, but also protect it from external aggressors: cold, wind and pollution are all threats to your epidermis. If you're planning to spend time outdoors, you'll also need sun protection, or a moisturizing cream with SPF.

Your skin's characteristics at night

In the evening, while you sleep, your skin regenerates. It's during the night that cellular renewal mechanisms are triggered. Your body produces melatonin, which stimulates the skin's antioxidant defenses. The skin repairs itself, microcirculation is activated and toxins are eliminated. To support this nocturnal regeneration, we recommend the use of night creams that promote skin renewal and help combat skin aging.

Do you need advice and skincare product suggestions to create THE beauty routine that's right for you? Well, we've put together some beauty routines that will give you a gorgeous complexion, whatever your skin type!

Your morning routine for beautiful skin

Cleansing your face, an essential step

Your morning beauty routine starts with a thorough cleansing! The aim? Eliminate the dust andexcess sebum accumulated during your sleep, and gently wake up your complexion. A perfect treatment for all skin types, even sensitive ones, in need of a radiant complexion: Boréal Radiance Micro-Peeling Foam, with natural salicylic acid and Siberian Olive. It eliminates dead cells, resurfaces the skin and brings luminosity to your face.

Moisturizing the face, THE key gesture

The key to a beautiful complexion? Choose a day cream that also treats your skin's problems.

  • Combination, oily and blemish-prone skin will love Hydrating Jelly Ice Source, which plumps up the skin, providing long-lasting hydration and a matte finish thanks to the absorbent powders in its 96% natural formula.

  • Normal to dry dehydrated skin will regain comfort and suppleness with Moisturizing Cream Ice Source. It contains a trio of Iceberg Water, Hyaluronic Acid and Polar Seaweed for 24-hour surface and in-depth hydration. A real bath of freshness for the skin, in a creamy texture with a matte finish.

  • Mature skin will appreciate Youthful Promise Cream Neige Eternelle 's anti-wrinkle properties: it plumps and smoothes the skin in a single step, while providing antioxidant protection. Use with the serum in the same range for even greater effectiveness.

  • Don't forget the delicate eye area, which needs special products like Icy Magic, which erases dark circles, puffiness and signs of fatigue, or Neige Eternelle Jeunesse Eye Contour. Tap it with your fingertips on the upper and lower eyelids to help it penetrate and reinforce its anti-aging action.

Beauty tip: to counter the harmful effects of UV rays (premature ageing of the face, dry skin, brown spots...) remember to pack a sun care product - such as SPF50+ Sun Stick or face sun fluid SPF50+ Travel size - in your bag and apply it before each exposure!

A beauty routine for the evening?

In the evening, even if you go to bed late, don't skip the make-up removal step. Absolutely essential, even if you haven't worn make-up, it removes sebum, dust and pollution accumulated during the day, and prepares the skin for rest. Baume Démaquillant Pureté Arctique ensures effective make-up removal, even of long-wearing make-up, without aggressing or drying the skin. You can then apply your serum and night cream.

NUIT POLAIRE skin care products are ideal for helping your skin regenerate while you sleep. Their flagship active ingredient is little-known, but formidably effective: Boreal Algae or Rhodimenia Borealia, a micro-algae from the Arctic depths, is unrivalled in its ability to synthesize phyto-melatonin, the plant version of the famous hormone that regenerates your skin while you sleep! Apply a few drops ofPolar Night Revitalizing Elixir - which penetrates instantly without stickiness thanks to its dry oil texture - followed byPolarNight Revitalizing Cream . Enjoy the richness of a night cream without the discomfort! Its airy texture provides an immediate matte finish and releases a terribly addictive fragrance. Leave these products to work for revitalized, toned and soothed skin in the morning. Like a baby's skin!

Scrubs and masks: the extras!

Once or twice a week, treat your skin to a scrub and mask: moisturizing, anti-aging, purifying... the most important thing is that they are adapted to your current needs. They'll give your skin a little boost, leaving it perfectly cared for and glowing day after day!

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